Both of my software projects listed below are available for download.


MEDYAD is a regression-based computational macro for SPSS, SAS, and R that conducts mediation analysis with distinguishable dyadic data. It is designed to handle models such as the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model extended to Mediation (APIMeM) and special cases and extensions of this model. MEDYAD estimates the direct and indirect effects of each actor’s (X) on their own and their partner’s outcome (Y) through their own and their partner’s mediator(s) (M).


OMEGA is a computational macro for SPSS and SAS that calculates McDonald’s omega for sum scores or averages of multi-item measurement scales. McDonald’s omega is an alternative measure of reliability (compared to Cronbach’s alpha) that has been advocated for by methodologists as it relies on fewer assumptions. OMEGA also calculates Cronbach’s alpha and other statistics.